Field of application of the industrial installations is the installation of production machinery, process machines, construction end erection of piping networks, complex projects (Mechanical - Electrical - Insulation etc.).

Products - Services

Design, construction, supply and installation of integrated heat transfer systems (on turnkey basis) of production and distribution of steam, hot and superheated water and diathermic oil.
Design, construction, supply and installation of integrated LPG installations and installations of natural gas, of industrial units.
Design, construction and installations of compressed air stations and pipe networks in industrial units.
Construction and installation of deep cooling stations.
Manufacturing and installation of industrial equipment (piping networks, tanks etc.).
Chemical dispensing systems (chemical kitchen).
Eco cleanings.
Complexed projects: Mechanical - Electrical - Insulation
Construction works and services of improvement of the industrial facilities.

Βιομηχανική εγκατάσταση
Διυλιστήριο διαλυτών
Καύση – Καυστήρας αεραγωγού φυσικού αερίου
Ράμπα αερίου καυστήρα λέβητα
Υπόγειο δίκτυο φυσικού αερίου
Καυστήρας φυσικού αερίου λέβητα διαθερμικού λαδιού
Ψυχροστάσιο βαθιάς ψύξης (κατάψυξης)
Σύστημα διανομής χημικών (κουζίνα χημικών)


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